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Compact Power Lead Reel

Compact Power Lead Reel

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  • TANGLE FREE every time!
  • Low friction easy wind
  • Compact stacking solution
This timeless design was invented by Peter Van Mill as a way of stacking and storing his caravan connections gear: extension leads and hoses. The easy winding knob naturally tucks into the petals of a second Multi-Reel when stacked front to front, making storage tidy and saving you space.

The petals inside the product also wind as you turn the front to wind in your leads (or our Flat hoses) so that there is no friction on your gear - making it easy enough for kids to do and also extends the life of your products.

Use for your own extension lead, the Compact Multi-Reel fits 15m comfortably and 20m of leads that have thinner insulation.
Note: This product does not include lead/hose. 
CAPACITY: Holds 20m of 15A Power Lead. 
DIMENSIONS: 300mm x 65mm
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