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Wall-mounted light - USB rechargeable & removable

Wall-mounted light - USB rechargeable & removable

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Introducing our modern wall-mounted light, this sleek and stylish light is designed to be mounted on the wall whilst also removable for a compact lamp when needed. This light provides a hands-free lighting option that is perfect for small spaces. With its USB rechargeable battery you can easily charge the light using any USB-compatible device, making it a convenient lighting solution with no invasive wiring or electrical supply required to the mounting location of the light.

One of this products best features is its optional sensor light setting. This setting allows the light to automatically turn on when it detects motion in its proximity making it perfect for use in hallways, closets and bathrooms. The sensor can also be turned off if desired and the light can be manually turned on or off via a switch.

The light emits a bright and comfortable level of illumination making it perfect for use as a bedside light or reading light. It is also energy-efficient, providing long-lasting illumination of up to 8 hours without the need for frequent battery recharging. Plus its modern design will complement any decor style.


Please note that this particular product is stocked and shipped directly from our overseas supplier. We are currently collaborating with our suppliers to ensure local stock availability in Australia. During this time, please anticipate shipping lead times ranging from 8 to 40 days.

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