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Water Tank Kit - 95 Litres

Water Tank Kit - 95 Litres

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Water Inlet filler


95 Litre Water Tank: 1170mm(L) x 500mm(H) x 220mm(D)

- Compatible Water Tank Fittings

- Lockable Water Filler (includes 2 keys for lock, nylon nuts & bolts for securing to the van). (2 colour options)

- Industry-leading water pump & filter - Shurflo 4009 12 v (requires wiring to electrical setup) 11LPM, self-priming 45PSI, Quiet Operation Runs Dry – Thermally Protected, no accumulator required in this plumbing system.

- Plumbing connector and securing assembly kit (all plumbing fitout saddles, connectors & sealants).

- 7 metres of water inlet piping and 7 metres of water tank breather tubing.

- 14 metres of blue cold-water plumbing pipe

- Plumbing install guide, sealants and pipe-cutting tool. 

- Access to RV Kits Australia's online video plumbing kit install tutorial 

*This Kit includes all require cold water plumbing components, including plugs for your plumbing systems and hot water options for both a tap and shower. For a seamless install of hot water in your RV buy our 'Hot water system Kit' along with your desired 'Hot Water Heater Kit'. 

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