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Camec 2.5KG Front Load Washing Machine

Camec 2.5KG Front Load Washing Machine

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  • Cold and hot wash function. The washing machine has an internal heating element to heat the water temperature as required -  Only plumbed to coldwater.
  • 6 wash programs
  • Delay wash function
CAMEC’s front-load washing machine is now available with a washing load capacity of 2.5KG. This front-load washing machine has been designed specifically for RV installations. This compact washing machine has been internally reinforced and tested proven to withstand vibrations from on and off-road use. With 6 different washing cycles and the ability to heat water for a hot wash, this is the ideal washing machine for all caravans and motorhomes.

- Safety Child lock
- Delay wash function
- Remaining wash time display

- Rated Voltage: 220 – 240V
- Rated Power: 1,300W
- WELS Water Consumption: 32L per cotton wash cycle
- Spin Speed: 700RPM
- Net Weight: 34KG
- Dimensions: 500 (W) x 415 (D) x 630 (H) mm
- Warranty: 1 Year

COTTON - Suitable for washing cotton or linen, such as bed sheets, tablecloths, underwear, towels, shirts. The default setting wash slightly soiled cotton/linen loads. (48 minutes)

SOFT - Suitable for washing generally or slightly soiled cotton textiles, linen bed sheets, tablecloths, underwear, towels, shirts, etc (1 hours 3 minutes)

SPIN - Perform the spin cycle to spin dry excess water from clothes (8 minutes)

QUICK WASH - Suitable for washing slightly soiled laundry up to 1kg (28 minutes)

HIGH TEMP - High temperature wash with an additional rinse for when hot water is required (1 hr 36 m)

DRUM CLEAN - This program is designed to clean the inner drum of washing machine to keep it sanitized and clean (1 hour 11 minutes)
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